MI1&2 Virtual Meeting & Journal Club – August 2020

Mi3 Monthly Meeting

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Medical Innovations You Missed During COVID-19
With the rapid advancement of innovation amidst COVID-19, please join us to learn about groundbreaking innovations that may have slipped under your radar during the pandemic.

Come hear from our 2020 Summer Interns as they present important work that emerged during this time when medical intelligence and innovation are needed more than ever.

Date: Monday, August 10, 2020

Time: 4-6 p.m. Pacific Time (US and Canada)


Monthly Updates (4:00-4:15pm)

MI1 – Presentations in Intelligence (4:15-4:45pm)
• Data Science projects with Dr. Howard Lei and Data Science Interns

MI2 – Presentations in Innovation (4:45-5:30pm)
• Genomic Medicine
• Bioprinting and Regenerative Medicine
• Nanomedicine
• Medical Devices
• Robotic and Robotic Surgery
• Innovations in Healthcare Delivery