Coronavirus Advice for Parents

Coronavirus (COVID-19): A Resource for Parents

We know how frightening the spread of the 2019 novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) must be for parents. Get answers to your frequently asked questions in this Q & A with CHOC experts.

What to do if your child needs care during COVID-19

If your child is ill, injured, due for a vaccination, experiencing a mental health issue or a flare up of a chronic condition, what should you do? Contact their pediatrician or specialist? Call a nurse helpline? Visit the emergency department? Follow these recommendations to help you decide where to go for your child’s care.

If you have questions about your child’s health, call our 24/7 Nurse line at


Tips from our Experts

What is is like to be in the NICU during COVID-19? One mom of two recent CHOC NICU graduates shares her family’s story.

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Social distancing and proper hand-washing are critical ways to protect yourself and your family from COVID-19. Cloth face coverings are an additional step to slow the spread of COVID-19. Get answers to your frequently asked questions in this Q&A with CHOC infectious disease experts. Do I have to wear a face covering in public? The … Continue reading Face coverings during COVID-19: Answers to common questions

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emergency preparedness

Calvin spends his days working to ensure that CHOC is a safe environment for everyone on campus, and that CHOC is prepared for any emergency scenario.

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During the COVID-19 pandemic, many children are spending more time at home than usual. Here’s a roundup of what parents and caregivers can do to keep kids occupied during this time. Online learning The Orange County Department of Education has created a roundup of free resources to help students supplement other materials that are being … Continue reading Activity ideas for kids during COVID-19

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holidays during COVID

With the holiday season in full swing, and COVID-19 cases rising both in our community and around the country, families are making plans to observe their favorite traditions in a much different way than in years past. CHOC experts provide the following recommendations for how to celebrate the winter holidays safely amid COVID-19. “The holiday … Continue reading Celebrating winter holidays during COVID

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By Dr. Mery Taylor, pediatric psychologist at CHOC By this point in the COVID-19 pandemic, many children have experienced disappointment about missing out on birthday parties, family vacations or special occasions they had been looking forward to. If your child or teen feels disappointed right now over missed holiday celebrations, let her express her feelings, … Continue reading How parents can help kids navigate holiday disappointment during COVID-19

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