This research trial studies neuropsychological (learning, remembering or thinking) and behavioral testing in younger patients with cancer. Collecting information over time from a series of tests may help doctors develop effective tests to measure neuropsychological and behavioral function of patients with cancer. Conditions: Chemotherapeutic Agent Toxicity; Childhood Cancer; Cognitive/Functional Effects; Neurotoxicity; Psychosocial Effects of Cancer and Its Treatment; Radiation Toxicity Interventions: Procedure: psychosocial assessment and care; Procedure: cognitive assessment; Other: quality-of-life assessment; Other: questionnaire administration

Principal Investigator:
Elyssa Rubin, MD

Research Coordinator:
Kathryn Duvall
(714) 509-8646

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  • Clinical Trial Info
  • IRB Number: 90216
  • Sponsor: COG
  • Protocol Number: ALTE07C1
  • NCT Number: NCT00772200
  • Research Type: Late Effects
  • Phase: NA
  • Status: Active - Open to Enrollment