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As CHOC and other healthcare facilities adapt to the fluid environment created by the COVID-19 pandemic, and national, state and local recommendations and guidelines continue to change, we want you to know that we are open and have the following resources to help provide the safest care:

Featured Articles

Blood vials - pediatric sepsis research study

CHOC participates in exciting study of sepsis, aimed to design personalized treatment and therapies to address patients’ immune profiles.

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CHOC Wellness on Wheels breathmobile

CHOC’s Wellness on Wheels program conducts study, provides community-based asthma care and plans to expand to other services.

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Image of blue lights depicting artificial intelligence - New study shows promise of AI in helping to diagnose and treat rare autoimmune disorder

CHOC Research studies the use of artificial intelligence tools in detecting juvenile dermatomyositis (JDM), a rare autoimmune disorder.

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Stack of papers - CHOC IRBs

Meet members of CHOC’s institutional review boards (IRB), who protect the rights and welfare of pediatric patients recruited to participate in studies.

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Child looking off in the distance - having an ACE - adverse childhood experience - tips for explaining ACEs to parents for physicians

A CHOC expert offers scripting strategies and tips to physicians to screen for and explain ACEs and toxic stress to parents.

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Close-up of baby's hand with a hospital bracelet - Gastroschisis - cord closure procedure

Sutureless gastroschisis repair at CHOC allows infants to avoid anesthetization and ventilation and produces better cosmetic results.

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