Summer presents Orange County living at its best, but it also warrants vigilance to keep children safe.


Supervision is the best way to keep your children safe in the home.  There are, however, some things you can do to make your children’s environment safer. These tips will help you have a stress-free summer knowing your home is the safest it can be for your children.

4 Water Safety Tips for a Safe Summer

As temperatures start to rise, your family may be spending more time at the pool or the beach. Keep these water safety tips, straight from CHOC Children’s community education department, top of mind to ensure your family has a safe and worry-free summer.


6 Summer Sun Safety Tips

As temperatures rise and school is out of session, your family could likely be spending more time outdoors than inside. The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends limiting sun exposure (and avoiding it for babies) as the best way to prevent sunburn, but when you are spending time outdoors, keep in mind these sun safety tips.

Medication Safety

Summer camp counselors, caregivers and family members alike, can rest assured with these medication safety tips for children under their care. Read more to make sure you’re asking the parent/guardian the right questions about their child’s medications.

Knowledge is the best medicine. Learn more about your child's health in these features from the experts at CHOC.

Food Safety
Are you planning your next weekend getaway or summer vacation and thinking about enjoying the outdoors? Food always tastes better outside, especially after a fun activity!

Poison Oak
Poison oak is a different nuisance than its counterpart, poison ivy. In southern California and throughout the West Coast, outdoor explorers can expect to find poison oak in wooded, brushy areas.

Bee Stings
Parents and other caregivers should be aware of the hazards related to bee stings, and how they can help prevent a child from being stung.

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