Planned Giving: Turning Inspiration Into Action

CHOC Children's donors Mark and Cindy Chandik

On Tuesday, March 27, 2018, Mark and Cindy Chandik of Dana Point attended an event at CHOC Children’s that would literally change their lives.

They had accepted an invitation to the grand opening celebration of CHOC Children’s Inpatient Mental Health Center in Orange… and were completely amazed and inspired with what they saw and heard.

“Speakers and dignitaries, including Kay and Rick Warren, and hospital representatives spoke of their dedication and commitment to make mental health services a priority in Orange County,” recalls Mark. “Their presentations touched a chord in us. We were very impressed with CHOC Children’s vision, and their courage to take the lead in this mental health initiative.”

The tour of the new unit left a lasting impression on the couple. “CHOC Children’s new unit is geared to the needs of children in a mental health crisis situation,” says Cindy. “It is a tremendous and much-needed resource for Orange County. Mental health issues affect so many people, and no family is immune. Everyone seems to know someone who is struggling.”

Driving home from the event, Mark and Cindy agreed that they wanted to help support the efforts of CHOC Children’s to make a difference in the lives of children needing mental health services.They both agreed that the way they could make the most impact would be through a planned gift to CHOC Children’s Foundation.

Mark, who owns a wealth management firm and is the author of the book “10 Financial Strategies for the Smart Investor: How to Avoid Common Mistakes and Build Lasting Wealth,” is highly knowledgeable about charitable planning.

“We were very interested in providing a substantial donation, and one of the best ways to do this is through a planned gift,” Mark explains. “In our case, we decided to give a combination of cash and a deferred gift in the form of an irrevocable beneficiary designation on a life insurance policy. When I die, CHOC Children’s Foundation will receive the funds from the policy.”

In recognition of their generous support, the activity room in the center is named in their honor.

The Chandiks also hope that their planned gift, and CHOC Children’s mental health initiative, will bring more awareness to the topic of mental health — removing the stigmatization associated with depression, bipolar disease and other conditions so that more young people and their families can get help.

“The excitement for me is knowing and praying the new inpatient mental health center will help these young children, who will receive the resources and services they need so they can grow up to lead fulfilling lives,” Cindy says. “It takes a village, a community, to come together to make these important initiatives successful, and we are so grateful we can be part of this community.”

“We were very interested in providing a substantial donation, and one of the best ways to do this is through a planned gift.”
Mark Chandik