2018 Annual Report

Walk the corridors of CHOC Children’s and you will see, first and foremost, a community. This community is broad and wide, comprised of not only doctors, nurses, therapists, and associates, but also of families, donors, volunteers, neighbors and corporations — all dedicated to a common goal: the health and well-being of children. Each day, this diverse CHOC community offers its expertise, empathy, and experience to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children and families. By keeping children healthy, the CHOC community keeps childhood healthy too. In the pages of this year’s Annual Report, you will meet members of this compassionate community who together fuel the engine that drives CHOC Children’s. Long Live Childhood.

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Message from our CEO

Kimberly Cripe, CEO

Dear Friends,

It never ceases to amaze me what we as an organization can accomplish through determination, passion and a shared sense of purpose. This past year, three remarkable events illustrate my point.

First, in April 2018, CHOC Children’s opened the region’s first pediatric mental health inpatient center, marking the culmination of a tremendous effort to provide vital mental health services for children, adolescents and young adults in our community.

Second, CHOC Children’s physicians, staff and parents teamed up to bring a promising drug (Brineura) to our hospital to fight Batten disease, a rare disease of the nervous system. Today, CHOC Children’s is the largest center in the United States, and the second largest center in the world, treating Batten disease with this breakthrough drug.

Lastly, in April 2018, CHOC Children’s announced plans to open the Thompson Autism Center early next year, made possible by a visionary $10 million founding gift from the William and Nancy Thompson Family Foundation. The Thompson Autism Center will be devoted to evaluating children as early as possible to promote better outcomes and establishing a long-term support system for children with complex care needs.

These three milestone events have one theme in common: The power of community. None could have happened without a unified effort that combines not only financial resources from generous donors big and small, but also the knowledge and experience of concerned hospital physicians, associates, donors and community members who saw a great need and came together to meet the challenge.

Someone who truly understood the importance of community to serve the collective vision of CHOC Children’s was Dr. Nick Anas, who passed away unexpectedly on April 3, 2018. Dr. Anas held a variety of posts, including director of CHOC Children’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit from 1991-2018 and Physician-in-Chief since 2009. Dr. Anas embodied the true spirit of CHOC by being a tremendous physician, supportive colleague, brilliant researcher and phenomenal educator. And no matter how hectic his schedule, Dr. Anas made time for us all. He knew how to break down barriers and find common ground, always staying focused on doing what was best for our patients. He is deeply missed.

Another great visionary and unifier was L. Kenneth Heuler, DDS, who passed away May 30, 2018. Dr. Heuler served on the CHOC Children’s Board of Directors for 30 years, including many years as Board chairman, before retiring from his CHOC involvement at age 93. His dedication is an inspiration to us all.

I also want to mention and give thanks to our Board Chair David Dukes, who will be terming off this year. David’s greatest strength is his expertise in collaboration, bringing together a very motivated Board that was able to turn vision into reality. Our Foundation Board leadership must also be commended for the dynamic work they are doing to raise funds to support our mission and vision.

Working together, we can create a world-class health care community that will “preserve the magic of childhood.” All of us want our children to have a happy and healthy childhood protected against illness and trauma. This coming fall, look for a new marketing campaign designed to highlight this message and support CHOC Children’s ongoing mission to nurture, advance and protect the health and well-being of children.

It will take all of us to reach this goal. Thank you for your continued support,

Kimberly Chavalas Cripe
President and Chief Executive Officer
CHOC Children’s


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Mental health unit teamGround-Breaking Mental Health Inpatient Center Opens Its Doors

The April 2018 opening of the 18-bed CHOC Children’s Mental Health Inpatient Center is a historic milestone for the region, representing the culmination of years of vision and hard work.

The only facility in Orange County to treat patients younger than 12 and the only facility in California to offer all private rooms, the Center fulfills CHOC Children’s commitment to ensure Orange County youth receive the mental health care services they need in a safe and nurturing environment. Learn more.

Philanthropist Chris HarrisonDining Room Donation Embodies Marriott’s History, Core Values

Chris Harrison has a very special place in his heart for pediatric healthcare. It could stem from the fact he was born prematurely and needed serious medical attention to thrive.

Or the fact his great grandparents, who founded the Marriott Corporation, were strong advocates for protecting and giving opportunities to the youth of the world.

In September 2017, Chris, who serves as the general manager of the newly opened 271-room Marriott Irvine Spectrum Hotel, and is a husband and the father of three young children, put his convictions into action. Learn more.


Research scientists looking at x-ray image on computer screenDetermination, Grit And Vision Place CHOC Children’s On Forefront Of Clinical Research For Batten Disease

One of a physician’s most difficult responsibilities is counseling a family whose child has been diagnosed with a rare condition where there are no treatment alternatives available.

Until recently, one such rare condition was CLN2 disease, also known as late infantile Batten disease— a condition that typically begins with language delays and seizures before age 3, and rapidly progresses to dementia, blindness, loss of the ability to walk and talk, and death in childhood. Learn more.


Boy and mom in playroomCelebrating Ely – A Homecoming Story


It is the word that best describes March 24, 2017—the day Bekah and Danny Bowman brought their son Ely, then 3, to CHOC Children’s to receive a new, novel drug to treat Batten disease.

Homecoming because during the previous six months, the family had to fly every 10 days to Columbus, Ohio, for Ely’s infusion of Brineura. Learn more.


Exterior view of CHOC Children's Mission HospitalCHOC Children’s At Mission Celebrates 25th Anniversary

In 1993, CHOC Children’s made the commitment to address a healthcare gap in south Orange County by opening an innovative, state-of-the art, separately licensed, 48-bed pediatric facility on the 5th floor of Mission Hospital.

Twenty-five years later, the program has expanded dramatically, earning a nationwide reputation for its unique model of care. This achievement can be attributed to a dedicated staff and physicians, grateful patients and families, and tremendous community support. Learn more.


CHOC1 helicopter in the airCHOC1 Helicopter Takes Flight, Elevating Patient Transport

On April 1, 2018, the “CHOC1” helicopter landed for the first time on the South Tower roof, marking the launch of a new era for Emergency Transport Services at CHOC Children’s.

“Our helicopter is a game changer,” says Tari J. Dedick, BS, RCP, NPS, manager of Emergency Transport Services. “On a typical afternoon, when minutes really matter, we can fly down to CHOC Children’s at Mission Hospital in seven minutes as opposed to driving for one hour in bumper-to-bumper traffic on the crowded freeways.” Learn more.


Teens at the oncology promCreating A Survivorship Community For Young Adults

Adolescents and young adults with cancer (AYAs) travel a different road than do younger children and mature adults. These AYAs are at an age where they feel invincible— they are young, healthy and on the verge of independence. Yet a diagnosis of cancer abruptly puts their plans and dreams on hold. They are caught in-between two worlds – pediatric cancer treatment, with its focus on children, and adult cancer programs where they can feel lost and isolated.

“Research has shown that overall long-term survival rates are exponentially better for AYAs treated at a pediatric facility that has cancer clinical trials and program activities geared to their unique needs,” notes Sharon Bergeron, RN, BSN, CPON, Research Educator. Learn more.


Kim Cripe with CHOC donorsDonation Recognizes Unique Challenges Of Teen Oncology Patients

Our junior high, high school and college memories shape who we become. From football games and dances, to dating and learning to drive, to concerts and college applications, the adolescent and the teen years are typically filled with a combination of promise and and discovery.

Yet a cancer diagnosis can challenge adolescents and young adults in ways they cannot imagine, inter- rupting activities and memories that should be a source of joy. For these oncology patients, the risk for depression is high as they deal with the loss of their normal routines and friendships while often undergoing rigorous treatment. Learn more.


Bill Thompson and wife next to rendering of Autism CenterFrom Vision To Reality: New Autism Center To Serve Needs Of Orange County Families

Bill Thompson is a man of action. Once he sets his sights on something important, he gets things done. Case in point: helping children with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and their families.

“Years ago, when I began looking at philanthropy and how I wanted to give back, my first priority was healthcare— hospitals and children,” Bill says. “When I became aware of the need for more services for children and families with ASD, I knew this was where I wanted to invest both my time and funds.” Learn more.


Teens at unveiling of plans for the new Thompson Autism CenterRaising A Child On The Autism Spectrum: It Takes A Village

One of the most poignant moments of a celebratory night to unveil plans for the new Thompson Autism Center at CHOC Children’s (please see accompanying article) occurred when Jennifer Lehman, the mother of 23-year-old Bradley, shared her story.

Her talk at the April 24 event put a face on the challenges parents of children on the autism spectrum disorder (ASD) experience day in and day out, and the urgent need for more resources to help these families. Learn more.


Professional Advisors Who Advocate For CHOC Children’sBridge of Hope Recognizes Professional Advisors Who Advocate For CHOC Children’s

Long before Doug Corbin launched his career as a philanthropic leader, he worked in the life insurance business. And he discovered something that continues to inform him to this day as Vice President and Chief Development Officer of CHOC Children’s Foundation.

“I discovered that often times when I developed a relationship with clients, it would extend beyond the service I was providing,” Doug stated. “I would find myself helping them explore their passions and values and how they could express their values through philanthropy. It was in those moments that I discovered how valuable professional advisors can be in the philanthropic process.” Learn more.


Mark and Cindy ChandikPlanned Giving: Turning Inspiration Into Action

On Tuesday, March 27, 2018, Mark and Cindy Chandik of Dana Point attended an event at CHOC Children’s that would literally change their lives.

They had accepted an invitation to the grand opening celebration of CHOC Children’s Inpatient Mental Health Center in Orange… and were completely amazed and inspired with what they saw and heard. Learn more.

Douglas J. Corbin CFRE, CSPG

Dear Friends,

As the new Vice President and Chief Development Officer of the CHOC Children’s Foundation, I have the opportunity to be involved in an organization that helps children and families build healthy, happy tomorrows. It is the most purposeful career path I could possibly take, and I am honored to serve in this role.

When I talk to potential donors about giving, I frame the discussion in terms of making an investment. As we all know, one of the ways individuals grow wealth is by making smart financial investments with the expectation that they will receive a positive financial return over time. I view charitable giving in much the same light… where people have an opportunity to invest in a charitable organization and receive a positive return on their “social investment.”

At CHOC Children’s, we are fortunate to have a community of investors who share the organization’s passion to “nurture, advance and protect the health and well-being of children.” This is critically important since many of CHOC Children’s programs and services would be unsustainable without the philanthropic support from people like you.

Your investment in CHOC Children’s mission helps children and, in doing so, serves our community in a unique and very special way. CHOC Children’s Mental Health Initiative is one clear example. Mental health issues have not solely become a challenge for a child and his or her family. It is now society’s challenge… it is our challenge. And we must come together to do something about it.

Our new Mental Health Initiative confirms that we can no longer bury our heads in the sand and say “it’s someone else’s problem.” As a community, we must come together to solve the problems that confront us all, and the issue of mental health is a big one. Early intervention around mental illness is the key, and there is no other organization in our community that is addressing this crisis the way we are.

The CHOC Children’s Foundation Board of Directors has been instrumental this past year in overseeing the fund- raising and operational activities of the CHOC Foundation. From reaching out to key donors and connecting us with community leaders, to facilitating fun and productive events, our highly engaged Foundation Board worked closely with our Foundation team to successfully reach our goals in fiscal year 2018.

Some key highlights included the CHOC Children’s Gala, held at the Disneyland Resort, which raised $2.7 million. Another highlight of the year was the inaugural CHOC Poker Tournament held at the Irvine Spectrum Marriott, which raised more than $400,000. And of course our nationally acclaimed CHOC Walk in the Park presented by Disneyland® Resort, which featured over 13,000 walkers and raised $2.5 million.

I want to thank the talented and dedicated team at the CHOC Children’s Foundation for another successful year.

I am honored and privileged to work with such an outstanding group of caring individuals. I would also like to thank you — our wonderful donors and volunteers — for all you do for us. Your time, talent and investment in CHOC allow us to help build healthy futures for the precious children in our community.

With Deep Appreciation

Douglas J. Corbin CFRE, CSPG
Vice President, Chief Development Officer CHOC Children’s Foundation

Board of Directors

David Dukes - Chair
CHOC Children’s Orange/
CHOC Children’s at Mission Hospital
Children’s HealthCare of California

Shruti Miyashiro - Chair
CHOC Children’s Foundation

Marshall Rowen, M.D. - Chair
CRC Real Estate Corporation

Sam Auriemma
Michael Colglazier
Kimberly Cripe - President & CEO
Josh D'Amaro
Janet DavidsonD
Vijay Dhar, MD
David Dukes - Chair
Jeff Elghanayan
Chris Furman - Vice Chair
Robert Hillyard, M.D.
Joe Kiani
Doug McCombs
Thomas Phelps
Marshall Rowen, M.D.
Kimberly Sentovich

Invited Members of Affiliate Boards, Administrative & Medical Staff:
Shahab Dadjou – SVP/CSO
Jay Gabriel - Secretary, CLO
Matthew Gerlach - EVP/COO
Kenneth Kwon, M.D. – CCMH Chief of Staff
Francois Lalonde, M.D. – CCO President of the Medical Staff
Paul Lubinsky, M.D. – President, PSF Board
Maria Minon, M.D. – SVP/CMO
Shruti Miyashiro – CCF Board Chair
Melanie Patterson – CCO, CNO
Kerri Schiller - Assistant Secretary, EVP/CFO

Tony Boutelle
Michael Chao, M.D.
Annika Chase
Kimberly Cripe – President & CEO
Lili Daftarian
Jeff Elghanayan
Jerry Flannery
Christopher Harrison
Steve Holley
Cary Hyden
Daniel Hyman – Vice Chair
Jason Knight, M.D.
Gigi Kroll, M.D.
Delphine Lee
Heather Madden – Secretary
Adrienne Matros, PsyD
Shruti Miyashiro – Chair
Chris Rommel – Vice Chair
Jon Storbeck
David Sugden
David Lee Willis

Invited Members of Affiliate Boards, Administrative & Medical Staff:
David Dukes – CCO/CCMH/CHC Chair
Nicole Hall – Guild Liaison to the Board
Marshall Rowen, M.D. - CHC Finance Committee Chair
Kerri Schiller – Assistant Secretary, EVP/CFO

Sam Auriemma
Kimberly Cripe - President & CEO
Janet Davidson
David Dukes - Chair
Jeff Elghanayan
Chris Furman
Doug McCombs
Marshall Rowen, M.D. - Vice Chair
Michael Stamos, M.D.
Thomas Tierney

Administrative Staff:
Shahab Dadjou – SVP/CSO
Jay Gabriel - Secretary, CLO
Matthew Gerlach – EVP/COO
Kerri Schiller – Assistant Secretary, EVP/CFO

Kimberly Cripe - President & CEO
Janet Davidson - Vice Chair
David Dukes

Jeff Elghanayan
Marshall Rowen, M.D. - Chair
Patrick Salas

Administrative Staff:
Jay Gabriel - Secretary, CLO
Matthew Gerlach - EVP/COO
Kerri Schiller – Assistant Secretary, EVP/CFO


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