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We are seeing children’s health in a new light.

Last year, CHOC Children’s 50th anniversary gave us pause to reflect on our rich history. In five decades, we progressed from an abstract idea to a world-class, premier pediatric health care organization focused on nurturing, advancing and protecting the health and well-being of children. As we leave the celebrations behind us, our 51st year has seen CHOC looking forward, engaged in a bold vision to transform recent advances in research and technology into better care for our patients and families. Without a doubt, we are navigating uncharted territory – from unlocking the secrets of the human genome, to approaching medical treatments in a brand new way, to devoting an unprecedented amount of resources to innovation that most hospitals would only dream to do. In our 2015 Annual Report, you will learn about these pioneering efforts, and how they are changing the way we care for the infants, children, adolescents and young adults of Orange County and beyond. We are seeing children’s health in a new light.

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Message from our CEO



For more than 50 years, CHOC Children’s visionary spirit has driven us to innovate and adapt to both medical advances and economic challenges. Now more than ever, that pioneering spirit is keeping CHOC strong in an industry where the status quo is no longer enough. Our success now depends upon our ability to foster a culture of innovation to take children’s health to new levels.

This past year represents a giant step in this direction. We shined a bright light on the greatest needs in pediatric health and worked hard to address them. From the lack of services for mental illness, to a need for personalized medicine for cancer and rare diseases, to the emotional needs that are often overlooked when treating traumatic injuries, CHOC boldly stepped up to the plate to improve health care delivery.

We are also sparking innovation at CHOC by illuminating new ideas through the Sharon Disney Lund Medical Intelligence Innovations Institute (MI3) and a new collaboration called The Innovation Institute. Taking this initiative one step further, we asked our staff and physicians a bold question they had never been asked before: “How would you profoundly impact the world of pediatric health if you didn’t have constraints of money, time or space?” Physicians, scientists and staff enthusiastically rose to the challenge, presenting close to 40 forward-thinking proposals to the steering committee.

They embraced the unparalleled opportunity to create solutions that are bigger than they or we ever thought possible, and we can only begin to imagine what the future may hold.

Many of these ideas involve research, a vital component of an innovative health care organization determined to find answers to even the most rare diseases. Even more, we continue to be dedicated to knowledge sharing and this year placed CHOC on an international stage, hosting conferences such as NeoHeart: Cardiovascular Management of the Neonate and the Pediatric Innovation Leadership Forum.

With the support of our dedicated Board of Directors, extraordinary medical staff and clinical leaders, associates and generous donors, we are seeing children’s health in a new light. The future is bright at CHOC Children’s!

Kimberly Chavalas Cripe
President and Chief Executive Officer
CHOC Children’s

Our success depends upon our ability to foster a culture of innovation to take children’s health to new levels.


Thanks to the generous support of a $10 million gift from Hyundai Motor America and Hyundai Hope On Wheels, CHOC Children’s is edging closer to uncovering cancer’s secrets.

Leonard Sender, MD, medical director of the Hyundai Cancer Institute at CHOC Children’s, observes that with the final installment received this past fiscal year, the gift has proved transformational – jumpstarting an ambitious genomic research program.

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Approximately 150,000 children living in Orange County suffer from a diagnosable mental health condition – yet there are no psychiatric inpatient beds for patients under age 12 in local hospitals, insufficient beds for adolescents and very few outpatient programs. The mental health system itself is fragmented, which is confusing for families trying to find care.

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Traumatic injuries in children are frightening and can happen at any time. Some children are seriously injured in falls – from windows, playground equipment or stairs. Others are gravely hurt in automobile accidents, or by being hit walking across busy streets, or in accidents around the house or in their backyards or pools.

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Jose Abdenur, MD, first crossed paths with Miriama Brown and her husband, Bobby, in 2004, when two of their sons, Toalii, then 3-1/2, and Bobby, then 2, had been transferred to CHOC Children’s pediatric intensive care unit for vomiting and dehydration. Both boys were unconscious, and physicians were doing everything possible.

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CHOC Children’s pediatric neurologist Sharief Taraman, MD, is dissatisfied with the lack of therapeutic options for children who suffer from traumatic brain injury. Yet instead of waiting on the sidelines for a new treatment to come along, he is channeling this frustration into innovation, exploring novel ways to heal the injured brain.

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CHOC Children’s commitment to innovate simply would not be possible without the generosity of our supporters. This year, individuals, foundations, community organizations and corporations joined forces to raise a total of $26.5 million to support our mission.

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Board of Directors

Mark Stevens - Chair
CHOC Children’s Orange
CHOC Children’s at Mission Hospital
Children’s HealthCare of California

Barry T. Ryan, J.D., Ph.D. - Chair
CHOC Children’s Foundation

Marshall Rowen, M.D. - Chair
CRC Real Estate Corporation
Richard Ackerman
Sam Auriemma
Michael Colglazier
Kimberly Cripe - President & CEO
Janet Davidson
Vijay Dhar, M.D.
David Dukes - 1st Vice Chair
Chancellor Howard Gillman
Doug McCombs - 2nd Vice Chair
Phillip Richardson, M.D. Tim Ristoff
Roger Steinert, M.D
Mark Stevens - Chair
Thomas Tierney

Invited Members of Affiliate Boards, Administrative & Medical Staff:
Antonio Arrieta, M.D.
Marcia Folli
Jay Gabriel - Secretary
Matthew Gerlach - EVP/COO
Paul Lubinsky, M.D.
Maria Minon, M.D.
Melanie Patterson
Barry Ryan, J.D., Ph.D.
Kerri Schiller - CFO/Assistant Secretary
Jacqueline Winkelmann, M.D.
Stephanie Argyros
Christine Bren, Psy.D.
John Carpino
Rob Colby
Kimberly Cripe - President & CEO
Jeff Elghanayan
Gregory Gluchowski, Jr
Michael Gritters
Steve Holley
Ali Kavianian, M.D.
Jason Knight, M.D.
Gigi Kroll, M.D.
Delphine Lee
Caroline Marchant
Adrienne Matros, Psy.D. - Secretary
Shruti Miyashiro
Chris Rommel
Barry T. Ryan, J.D., Ph.D. - Chair
Kimberly Sentovich - Vice Chair
Steve Solomon
Jon Storbeck
David Sugden
David Willis

Invited Members of Affiliate Boards, Administrative & Medical Staff:
Susan Dill-Guilds’ Representative
Jan Lansing - Interim Vice President
Marshall Rowen, M.D. - CHC Finance Committee Chair
Kerri Schiller - CFO/Assistant Secretary
Mark Stevens - CCO, CCMH & CHC Chair (s)
Kimberly Cripe - President & CEO
Janet Davidson
David Dukes
Jeff Elghanayan
Chancellor Howard Gillman
Tim Ristoff
Marshall Rowen, M.D. - Vice Chair
Roger Steinert, M.D.
Mark Stevens - Chair
Thomas Tierney

Administrative Staff:
Jay Gabriel - Secretary
Matthew Gerlach
Kerri Schiller - CFO/Assistant Secretary
Kimberly Cripe - President & CEO
Janet Davidson - Vice Chair
Jeff Elghanayan
Marshall Rowen, M.D. - Chair
Pat Salas
Mark Stevens - Secretary

Administrative Staff:
Kerri Schiller - CFO/Assistant Secretary




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