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Prevention is the key to fighting many infectious diseases. Part of preventing the spread of an infectious disease includes proper hand-washing techniques; taking certain precautions depending on the disease; following the nationally recommended immunization schedule for children and adults; and taking medications correctly.

Even with proper prevention, sometimes a disease is unavoidable. Some reasons include evolution of drug-resistant strains of a disease; changes in a person's environment; increased travel; inappropriate use of prescription drugs; and lack of attention to proper personal hygiene.

Infection can spread rapidly in a small child and involvement of a pediatric infectious diseases specialist can make all the difference. CHOC Infectious Diseases specialists are highly experienced, board-certified pediatric subspecialists who understand the changing nature of infectious disease, particularly the complexities of pharmacodynamics in relation to a child's immune status, developmental stage and possible environmental risks. They provide the early diagnosis and intervention necessary to prevent the complication and further spread of serious, life-threatening illnesses, including viral infections and complex or resistant bacterial and fungal infections.

To schedule a consultation or office visit with a CHOC Infectious Disease specialist, please call 888-770-2462

Germ Busters Germ Busters
Kids will become "GERMBUSTERS" when they learn how to protect themselves against germs when someone coughs or sneezes. Learn the importance of proper hand washing and figure out how easily germs are spread through a fun glitter experiment, book and video.

H1N1 Influenza - What the Public Should Know H1N1 Influenza - What the Public Should Know
Pediatric infectious disease subspecialist Jasjit Singh, M.D. specializes in international health issues, including vaccines for children. In this video, Dr. Singh discusses general information that the public should know about the H1N1 virus.

Whooping Cough: Dr. Adler, CHOC Children's Whooping Cough: Dr. Adler, CHOC Children's
In this segment of American Health Journal, Dr. Felice Adler, speaks about pertussis, also known as whoopingi cough, how it is a highly contagious bacterial disease and is preventable.

Tips for Dealing with Seasonal Influenza Tips for Dealing with Seasonal Influenza
CHOC Children’s encourages parents and other caregivers to pay attention to the following tips regarding seasonal Influenza offered by The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Also, be sure to talk to your children about practicing good respiratory etiquette and proper hand washing techniques to help avoid the spread of germs.

Staying Healthy Every Day Staying Healthy Every Day
Find tips for your child about how to prevent the spread of germs from their friends at Sesame Street.

Visit the CDC Website for the Latest H1N1 Information Visit the CDC Website for the Latest H1N1 Information
CDC H1N1 Flu Website. Stay informed and learn what you can do to stay healthy. This website is updated regularly as information becomes available.


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