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Curiosity Drives Infectious Diseases Research
Physician Connection: Summer 2012
A CHOC Children’s investigator-initiated trial into neonates with necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) has discovered key microbial and survival differences in patients who develop blood stream infections.

NIH Study Assesses Cooling After Pediatric Cardiac Arrest
Physician Connection: Winter 2012
Controlled therapeutic hypothermia after cardiac arrest may improve survival and outcomes for adults, but is the same true for infants, children and adolescents? The CHOC Children’s Pediatric Intensive Care Unit is one of 33 in the nation participating in the NIH-funded Therapeutic Hypothermia After Pediatric Cardiac Arrest (THAPCA) study investigating the potential benefits.

National Children’s Study Underway in Orange County
Physician Connection: Summer 2010
University of California, Irvine, in partnership with CHOC Children’s, the Children and Families Commission of Orange County and the Orange County Health Care Agency, was selected to conduct the study in 2005 after Orange County was named one of six initial national Vanguard Centers.

CHOC Researcher Awarded $3 Million to Find Autism's "Fingerprint"
CHOC Children's Annual Report: FY 2010
The idea sounds like something straight out of science fiction: taking skin cells biopsied from living donors and reprogramming them into stem cells, and then turning the stem cells into brain cells for research purposes.

CHOC Researcher Awarded $3 Million To Find Autism's "Fingerprint"
Physician Connection: Fall 2009
"Dr. Schwartz's research will provide autism researchers from around the world with much-needed access to tissue from autism patients by using a technology that is benign to the patient, but potentially extremely valuable to researchers in the field." - Brent Dethlefs, Director, CHOC Children's Research Institute

Yale Anesthesiologist Brings NIH Pain Studies to CHOC
Physician Connection: Winter 2009
Zeev Kain, M.D., is a recognized international expert in the clinical management of surgery-related anxiety and pain in children undergoing invasive medical procedures.

CHOC Bridges Research And Clinical Practice
Physician Connection: Winter 2008
On September 26, The CHOC Research Institute Symposium provided a glimpse into the exciting, behind-the-scenes research being conducted in CHOC research labs and throughout the hospital.

A Message from Dr. Minon
Making a Mark: October 2007
As Vice President of Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer at CHOC, it is my pleasure to provide the message for this issue of Making a Mark, which discusses research at CHOC.

CHOC Research Institute at the Forefront of Clinical Research
Making a Mark: October 2007
Forty years ago, Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL) had a cure rate of only 4%; today, the cure rate is 94%. Thanks to years of progressive research, scientists were able to turn the tide, resulting in more children surviving ALL and other childhood diseases than ever before.

Research Spotlight:
Making a Mark: October 2007
Disorders like cancer, cerebral palsy and diabetes are often in the research spotlight, but other, lesser-known disorders also have a grave impact on children.

Family Supports CHOC's Cord Blood Bank
Making a Mark: October 2007
In 1994, Dr. Tom Broderick, a former radiologist at CHOC and St. Joseph?s Hospital, and his wife Lisa became pioneers in a very new science by donating and storing their daughter?s cord blood at CHOC. The Broderick?s daughter Julia, who is now 13, was one of the first cord blood donors at CHOC.

Pursuing A Cure For Cancer
Physician Connection: Fall 2006
CHOC neurosurgeon William Loudon, M.D., Ph.D., has come to realize that with all the current clinical therapies available, only some of his brain tumor patients will be completely cancer-free after exhaustion of current treatments. Dr. Loudon has puzzled over this limitation for years.

CHOC'S Newest Scientist, Shengwen "Calvin" P.H.D.
Physician Connection: Fall 2006
Dr. Loudon has recruited Dr. Calvin Li at the newly established CHOC Center for Neuroscience and Stem-Cell Research.

Research News
Physician Connection: Spring 2005
Despite all of the media coverage during the past year's presidential campaign and the passage of Proposition 71 in California, there remains a great deal of misunderstanding about stem cells.

CHOC Clinical Research on the National Stage
Physician Connection: Fall 2004
In an ongoing effort to build clinical trial business and to promote research at CHOC nationally, the CHOC Research Institute hosted a booth at the annual Drug Information Association (DIA) meeting in June in Washington, DC.

CHOC Receives NIH Grant To Train Stem Cell Researchers
Physician Connection: Winter 2004
The CHOC Research Institute is one of only five institutions in the country to receive a grant from the National Institutes of Health (NIH) to train researchers throughout the world on how to grow and maintain human embryonic stem cells.


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