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Leonardo and the Da Vinci Pediatric and Congenital Heart Project: The Genesis and Mentoring of a SuperComputer with a “Living” Multi-Dimensional Artificial Intelligence Architecture
CHOC Articles: March 2012
Paper by Anthony C. Chang, MD, MBA, MPH that discusses artificial intelligence solutions for congenital heart disease

Sweet Victory
CHOC Children's Annual Report: FY 2011
David and Andrea Saenz never expected what happened after their infant daughter’s umbilical cord was cut.

“Hybrid” Melody Valve Therapy Delays Open Heart Surgery
Physician Connection: Summer 2011
CHOC Children’s Heart Institute is one of only 20 centers in the entire country certified to use the first FDA-approved transcatheter heart valve “hybrid” alternative to open heart surgery for replacing regurgitant or stenotic pulmonary conduits.

Congenital Cardiothoracic Surgeon Joins CHOC
Physician Connection: Summer 2011
An internationally respected congenital cardiothoracic surgeon with research interests in hybrid congenital heart surgery and myocardial protection has joined the CHOC Children’s Heart Institute

CHOC Pioneers Groundbreaking Pulmonary Procedure
Kid's Health (Archive): Spring 2011
When an innovative pulmonary procedure was recently approved for use in the United States, the FDA conducted a rigorous selection process and chose only 15 hospitals across the country to become certified to use it.

“ACE” is the Rx for Sudden Cardiac Death
Physician Connection: Summer 2010
“Orange County has the highest per-capita of National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and Olympic athletes in the nation. It certainly behooves us to protect our athletes by providing adequate screening and a safety net for athletes when they do fall.”

CHOC Children's Institutes
CHOC Children's Annual Report: FY 2010
The CHOC Children’s Institutes: Heart, Orthopaedic, and Cancer

Caring for your Little Athlete
Kid's Health (Archive): Summer 2009
It's a parent's worst nightmare. You're watching your child or teen athlete from the sidelines when suddenly the action stops. Your child collapses in the middle of a game or match. Until that moment, he seemed perfectly healthy.

A Fragile Beginning Strengthens Young Girl's Heart
On The Mark: Fall 2008
From the moment their daughter Olivia was born, Alejandro and Diane Llamas? lives became an unexpected emotional whirlwind.

Physician Spotlight
On The Mark: Fall 2008
When Richard Gates, MD, arrived at CHOC in 1995, there was only one way to protect a neonate?s heart during cardiac surgery. Surgeons had to cool the patient down, stop circulation?and hope for no permanent neurological injuries.

Giving - Thank Yous
On The Mark: Fall 2008
Children?s Hospital of Orange County (CHOC) Breathmobile?, a fully equipped mobile asthma treatment unit, was awarded a $175,000 grant from the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD).

Intense Feeding Therapy Frees Young Boy from G-Tube
Making a Mark: Spring 2008
Eating just three Teddy Grahams? a day was a big accomplishment for four-year-old Ryen Fischer. In fact, it was the only solid food he would eat. Because he was born with a devastating heart defect, Ryen spent nearly four years of his life getting fed through a tube in his stomach.

CHOC's New Era In Pediatric Cardiac Care
Physician Connection: Winter 2008
It was a day to remember our hospital's history, celebrate the advances in pediatric and cardiac intensive care, and learn more from the experts who continually push the boundaries of possibility. A new era began at Children's Hospital of Orange County on September 25 with the opening of the 30-bed Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU)/Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit (CVICU) on the sixth floor.

Physician Spotlight: Richard Gates, M.D.
Physician Connection: Summer 2007
When Richard Gates, M.D., arrived at CHOC in 1995, there was only one way to protect a neonate's heart during cardiac surgery.

CHOC Is #1 In Children's Hearts
Kid's Health (Archive): Winter 2005
Few things can make a parent's heart race faster than a referral to a pediatric cardiologist. "Is it serious?" is the first question most parents have upon learning a child has a congenital heart defect.

A Change of Heart
Kid's Health (Archive): Fall 2004
Little Nadia Garilli made history on March 9, 2004, when she was just 7 days old. That was when she became the first Orange County child to undergo the Sano procedure, a new modification of a technique used in the first of three surgeries to correct hypoplastic left heart syndrome.

CHOC Institutes Offer Expert Care
Kid's Health (Archive): Summer 2004
Children with neurological disorders, congenital heart conditions or cancer need expert, specialized care. The CHOC Institutes offer a level of leading-edge care that is unparalleled anywhere else in Orange County, from state-of-the-art diagnostic services to the full spectrum of treatment alternatives.

Sophisticated Heart Procedure Saves Kindergartner's Life
Kid's Health (Archive): Winter 2004
Not one of her five children had ever had a major illness or medical problem. Still, Linda Luchansky was a firm believer in regular check-ups. As part of getting her youngest daughter, Cassidy, ready for Kindergarten, she scheduled a well-child visit with their family practice physician. During the appointment, Cassidy's doctor detected a heart murmur.


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