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CHOC Children's at Mission: South County's Dedicated Pediatric Healthcare Center
Children Our Everything: June 2009
CHOC Childrens at Mission Hospital Update

It's Never Too Early to Show Support
Securing the Future: Fall 2007
Although she can?t remember it, 10-year-old Hope Saxon knows the doctors and nurses in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at CHOC at Mission helped save her life.

Honoring Christa Flynn
Touching Hearts Guild: Summer 2007
Christa Flynn always knew that CHOC was an important part of Orange County, she just didn't realize how important it would become to her until her son Michael was involved in a terrible car accident.

Physician Spotlight:
On The Mark: September 2007
According to Dr. Paul Lubinsky, associate director of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at both CHOC and at CHOC at Mission, ?when a child is admitted to the hospital, it can be just as scary for the parents as it is for the child. That?s why at CHOC we treat the entire family, not just the patient, with the greatest compassion and understanding.?

Teens Experiencing More Career-Ending Injuries
Kid's Health (Archive): Fall 2006
It makes the news when a professional athlete suffers a career-ending injury, but did you know the same thing is happening at an alarming rate in teen athletes?

Boardmember Demonstrates Unwavering Commitment to CHOC
Making a Mark: October 2006
There is no higher return on one?s time and money than investing in CHOC.

Getting Involved: It's Never Too Early To Show Support
Kid's Health (Archive): Spring 2006
Although she can't completely remember it all, 10-year-old Hope Saxon knows the doctors and nurses in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at CHOC at Mission helped save her life.

CHOC at Mission Aims For Excellence
Physician Connection: Fall 2005
Our goal is simply this: to become recognized in South Orange County for excellence in neonatal, pediatric and adolescent healthcare.

Grateful Mom Supports CHOC
Kid's Health (Archive): Fall 2005
Every child who comes to CHOC or CHOC at Mission has a compelling story. Tammy Peasley, the mother of Hunter Peasley, shown at left, graciously allowed us to share her son's story out of gratitude for the care he received in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at CHOC at Mission.

CHOC at Mission Celebrates Completion of New Pediatric Emergency Department
Kid's Health (Archive): Summer 2005
On April 5, more than 200 supporters joined together at CHOC at Mission to celebrate the completion of the new pediatric wing of CHOC at Mission and Mission Hospital?s Emergency Department and Trauma Center.

Physician Spotlight: Barbara Petty, M.D.
Physician Connection: Spring 2005
Dr. Petty has been integrally involved with CHOC at Mission from the very beginning.

CHOC at Mission/Mission Hospital Construction Update
Physician Connection: Spring 2005
Phase I of the emergency department construction, the "Pediatric Fast Track," is slated for opening in May 2005

CHOC AND CHOC at Mission Physicians Honored at Annual Doctor's Day Celebration
Physician Connection: Summer 2004
CHOC's annual Doctors' Day event was held March 30 at the Turnip Rose Grand Newport Plaza in Costa Mesa, featuring a residency reunion for all physicians who have completed the CHOC Pediatric Residency Program since its inception.

When In Doubt, Come Straight To CHOC
Kid's Health (Archive): Fall 2003
Craig and Chrissy Conners have some advice for other parents considering health plan options during open enrollment: First, make sure the plan offers CHOC or CHOC at Mission.

Why the Experts Choose CHOC and CHOC at Mission
Kid's Health (Archive): Fall 2003
Ronald Bronicki, M.D., specializes in caring for critically ill children in the Pediatric Intensive Care Units (PICU) at CHOC and CHOC at Mission. Here is why he insists on CHOC and CHOC at Mission for his own kids.


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