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Children Our Everything
Children. Our Everything. is published quarterly by the CHOC Children's Foundation. It features stories about patients, donors, board members and community involvement; and news about guilds, events, Children's Miracle Network and hospital updates. It is mailed to donors who support CHOC with a gift of $50 or more.

Kids Corner

Pet Therapy Captures Heart of Young Donor

Last summer, Marie (Mimi) Griffith had the opportunity to visit the Oncology floor at CHOC Children’s. During that time, she observed a little girl who was comforted by one of CHOC’s volunteer pet therapy dogs.

According to Mimi, “the little girl stopped crying immediately, and her frown was replaced by a big smile as she went off for her treatment.”

When it came time for Mimi’s 14th birthday, she asked friends and family to donate to CHOC’s Pet Therapy program instead of giving her birthday presents. Mimi raised $2,500 for the program. “These dogs bring happiness to the kids at CHOC, and many times lasting relationships are established between the children and dogs,” Mimi says.

Mimi is creating a committee of friends to continue raising funds to support CHOC’s pet therapy program.

Little Girl Donates Piggy Bank Money to CHOC

When little Claire Lewis saw CHOC Children’s year-end appeal, she immediately knew what she wanted to do.

According to Claire’s mother Darcy, of Huntington Beach, “when I showed Claire the story we got in the mail about baby Dylan, who was saved at CHOC after surviving a very difficult birth, Claire ran to her room and grabbed her piggy bank. She said, ‘mama, I want to help kids in the hospital like baby Dylan.’”

Four-year-old Claire Lewis donated all of the money in her piggy bank to CHOC Children’s, proving that it’s never too early to become a philanthropist.


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