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Physician Connection
A Communication Service for Physicians from CHOC and CHOC at Mission. Please Note: Physician Connection is no longer being printed and is now available electronically. Please visit our blog at http://docs.chocchildrens.org for the latest articles for our physician community. You can also receive our electronic Physician Connection newsletter in your inbox by subscribing to our mailing list: http://www.choc.org/subscribe

CHOC Bridges Research And Clinical Practice

On September 26, The CHOC Research Institute Symposium provided a glimpse into the exciting, behind-the-scenes research being conducted in CHOC research labs and throughout the hospital. “Translational Research: Building A Bridge Between Research and Clinical Practice” showcased four grand rounds presentations and 28 poster presentations to illustrate the variety of research taking place at CHOC:

  • Molecular neurobiology
  • Immune and inflammatory disease
  • Bleeding disorders
  • Cancer
  • Biomedical optics
  • Identification, isolation and characterization of non-fetal, federally approved stem cells
  • Nursing

“CHOC has made a conscious choice to pursue the basic science, molecular and cell biology research that has the most likelihood of being translated to advances in clinical diagnosis and better care for our kids,” says Brent Dethlefs, director of The CHOC Research Institute. “With the promise of stem cell therapies and the ability to use the technology that has evolved with the decoding of the human genome, we are positioned in a way that we have not been before to move new therapies forward. That is exciting.”

Dethlefs adds that CHOC has the infrastructure to move research projects, particularly those involving human subjects, forward efficiently without compromising patient safety. Solid research infrastructure combined with the quality and commitment of subspecialty physician faculty, uniquely positions CHOC to great advantage.

“Right now we are in an intersect between a translational science and clinical practice that is going to change the face of medicine,” Dethlefs says. “Personalized medicine and stem-cell therapies are increasingly more in the realm of possibility. Our ability to make changes in DNA combined with advances in stem cell biology really do have the possibility of changing the face of medicine and making much more possible individual cell-based therapies for a wide variety of diseases.”

For more information about current studies taking place at CHOC, please call Research Administration at (714) 516-4341.

CHOC is one of only five institutions in the United States using a grant from the National Institutes of Health to teach qualified scientists from around the world how to culture and use non-fetal, federally approved stem cells.

CHOC nursing researchers, scholars
Now into its third, two-year term, the CHOC Nursing Fellowship Research Program is comprised of nine CHOC nurse fellows who are conducting studies toward standardizing practices. Additionally, three CHOC nurse scholars are conducting literature reviews to ensure CHOC practices are consistent with the latest published evidence. Both activities are supported by the Jean and Walden Shaw Foundation.


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