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Making a Mark
Making a Mark is published bi-annually by the CHOC Foundation. It features CHOC and children?s healthcare news, patient highlights, hospital updates, board member spotlights, and community involvement stories and is mailed to donors who support CHOC with a gift of $250 and more.

Family Supports CHOC's Cord Blood Bank

In 1994, Dr. Tom Broderick, a former radiologist at CHOC and St. Joseph’s Hospital, and his wife Lisa became pioneers in a very new science by donating and storing their daughter’s cord blood at CHOC. The Broderick’s daughter Julia, who is now 13, was one of the first cord blood donors at CHOC.

Cord blood is the blood that remains in the umbilical cord and placenta following birth. It provides an abundant source of stem cells, which contribute to the development of all tissues, organs, and systems in the body. Cord blood stem cells have the same ability to treat diseases as bone marrow, but there is significantly less rejection.

According to Dr. Broderick, “although CHOC hadn’t established an official cord blood program yet, the director of its Bone Marrow Transplant Lab wanted to start saving cord blood—he knew there would be potential for its use someday. My wife and I believed in the potential as well, so we agreed to let our daughter be involved. They extracted the cord blood in the delivery room, and it’s been frozen at CHOC ever since.”

According to Lisa Broderick, “cord blood harvesting was in its infancy back then, but we believed it could be useful to our daughter someday. We really pushed to help make it happen. During the process, we became close to the team involved in the extraction; they even helped us choose our daughter’s name!”

The CHOC Cord Blood Bank, founded in 1999, is one of a select few cord blood banks in the U.S. affiliated with the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP). This partnership makes cord blood at CHOC available to help patients worldwide.

The Broderick’s believe so strongly in the curative abilities of cord blood they decided to make a monetary gift to CHOC’s Cord Blood Bank. The Broderick’s explain that even though they’ve left Orange County, they still want to support the worthwhile work being done at CHOC.


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