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Making a Mark
Making a Mark is published bi-annually by the CHOC Foundation. It features CHOC and children?s healthcare news, patient highlights, hospital updates, board member spotlights, and community involvement stories and is mailed to donors who support CHOC with a gift of $250 and more.

Meet Dr. Abdenur
Jos? Abdenur, MD

José Abdenur, MD: Division Chief, Medical Director, CHOC Division of Metabolic Disorders

Residency: Hospital General de Niños Dr. Pedro de Elizalde, Buenos Aires Medical School,

Internship: Universidad de Buenos Aires, Argentina

José Abdenur, MD, is medical director of Metabolic Services at CHOC and chief of the Metabolic Disorders Division for the CHOC Pediatric Subspecialty Faculty. He is board certified in Clinical Biochemical Genetics, and is one of only a handful of doctors in Southern California who are experts in metabolic disorders.

According to Dr. Abdenur, there are only about 216 board certified physicians in metabolic disorders in the entire country, and only around nine certificates are given each year in the U.S.; making his specialty very uncommon.

“When I came to CHOC four years ago, there wasn’t a metabolic division, which was not unusual, as there are only a few of us who are board certified in Southern California. I had the opportunity to build a team from the ground up, and now we’re 11 people strong,” says Dr. Abdenur.

Although each metabolic disorder is rare, taken altogether they are more common; one in 500 newborns in the U.S. is afflicted with a metabolic disorder. In general, the conditions are severe, and often go undiagnosed. There is no cure for many metabolic disorders, but there is treatment, providing the disorder is diagnosed early enough.

“The research we are doing at CHOC to help detect and treat metabolic disorders is making a difference,” Dr. Abdenur says. “We are treating children who may otherwise have gone undiagnosed, and are saving more children’s lives.”


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