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Making a Mark
Making a Mark is published bi-annually by the CHOC Foundation. It features CHOC and children?s healthcare news, patient highlights, hospital updates, board member spotlights, and community involvement stories and is mailed to donors who support CHOC with a gift of $250 and more.

A Message from Dr. Minon

As Vice President of Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer at CHOC, it is my pleasure to provide the message for this issue of Making a Mark, which discusses research at CHOC. I firmly believe that research is imperative to CHOC’s vision—to be nationally recognized as a premier children’s hospital—advancing the care of our children and the training of our residents and fellows.

At CHOC, our patients have access to the best, most current therapies available, including new, cutting-edge drugs, medical devices and treatments not available anywhere else in the region. Through our Children’s Oncology Group Phase I designation, in some cases we are the only place in California that children can come to participate in the latest treatment protocols designed to address their disease.

The promise of federally-approved stem cell therapy, the depth of knowledge of the human genome, and the identification of risk factors for certain diseases is helping to more quickly move basic science to clinical implementation. Feedback from national funding agencies tells us that CHOC is uniquely positioned to advance these efforts.

With a well-established research infrastructure—including research administration and institutional review boards to protect the interests of our research participants—CHOC’s highly-qualified pediatricians, scientists and Pediatric Subspecialty Faculty are partnering to bring promising new pediatric diagnostics and therapies into clinical practice.

As advances in technology lead increasingly to more individualized medical therapies, CHOC is focused on translational research. We are moving basic science toward clinical application—from bench to bedside, as the saying goes. The best minds at CHOC are hard at work tailoring the newest protocols to the children under our care.

The community may recognize CHOC for its outstanding care, but it may not appreciate the level of the research being conducted in our research labs and throughout the hospital. I am proud to be part of an organization that is committed to leading-edge pediatric research, advancing access to new diagnostics and therapies for the children we serve.

Maria Minon, M.D.
Vice President, Medical Affairs
Chief Medical Officer


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