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On The Mark
On the Mark is published three-times-a-year by the CHOC Foundation. It features patient highlights, physician spotlights, news about major gifts and upcoming events, construction updates, and fundraising stories and is mailed to donors who support CHOC with a gift of $50 and more.

Physician Spotlight:
Paul Lubinsky, M.D.

According to Dr. Paul Lubinsky, associate director of the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU) at both CHOC and at CHOC at Mission, ?when a child is admitted to the hospital, it can be just as scary for the parents as it is for the child. That?s why at CHOC we treat the entire family, not just the patient, with the greatest compassion and understanding.?

This attitude is key to Dr. Lubinsky?s approach to medicine; treating the entire family and involving them in their child?s care.

Dr. Lubinsky was born in Ndola, Zambia, Africa, and completed his medical training and internship at the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Today, he serves as a senior medical consultant for all cases in the CHOC PICU?treating the most critically ill children. He is also vice president of the CHOC Pediatric Subspecialty Faculty.

Dr. Lubinsky specializes in pediatric critical care, with expertise in the treatment of respiratory failure, traumatic brain injury and cardiac intensive care. ?There?s a big difference between treating kids in a children?s hospital versus a general hospital for adults, which includes pediatrics as a small part of the program rather than the dedicated focus,? says Dr. Lubinsky. ?The level of expertise and experience at a children?s hospital cannot be matched. We perform patient rounds with a multidisciplinary team of doctors and clinical specialists, including pharmacists, nutritionists and social workers. And, we are experts in just about everything related to kids; including what we call ?zebras??the unusual disorders. If it?s rare, we can treat it. That kind of experience is what really makes a children?s hospital special.?

?CHOC is also extraordinary in that a lot of the doctors who trained here, chose to stay here, and of those that initially leave, a large number return. That says a lot about a hospital. I completed my fellowship at CHOC, and chose to stay. Later, I was the first chief of staff at CHOC at Mission,? says Dr. Lubinsky.

?I?m proud of CHOC and the work we do,? Dr. Lubinsky explains. ?Children have been referred here from as far away as Hawaii, Seattle and Arizona. We work hard to make sure every child who comes to CHOC gets the best in patient care. All three of my sons were treated at CHOC for a variety of issues, ranging from a brain tumor to orthopedic problems. Our patients receive the same care we would expect for our children.?

Dr. Paul Lubinsky, M.D.,
Associate director, Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (PICU), CHOC and CHOC at Mission
Fellowship: Children?s Hospital of Orange County
Residency: Chief Resident: UCI Medical Center, Orange Medical School
Internship: University of Cape Town, South Africa


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