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Physician Connection
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Just What The Doctor Ordered
Medication Orders are Part of the Latest Phase of CHOC CPOE

Virtually any computer is now a potential workstation for you. With privacy protected software and a password, you may write any kind of order from your office, home or, of course, at CHOC.

It really is that easy, says James Cappon, M.D., medical director of CHOC Quality and Patient Safety. The newest phase of the CHOC computerized physician order entry (CPOE) system went online in mid-January and represents "a huge step forward" for patient safety

Ordering medications for children can be inherently risky due to variable age, weight and organ maturity. Recent evidence has shown, however, that CPOE can be expected to reduce medication errors by more than 80 percent, and adverse patient events related to drugs by about 50 percent.

But Dr. Cappon points out that physicians are also reaping substantial benefits because CPOE eliminates the daily paper chase.

"In the electronic world, patient information is always instantly available," Dr. Cappon says. "Computerized order entry has also shortened the overall interval from when the physician does the cognitive thinking about the patient to the actual delivery of the medication or initiation of a different type of order."

Dr. Cappon adds that significant medication orders or those of urgent nature are also transmitted verbally to the nursing staff or caregiver, a CHOC policy that will remain in effect to provide the assurance of seamless, expedited care.

Not quite yet. However, CPOE will eventually replace paper medical charts. The system already incorporates charting notes from several hospital departments, including Nursing, Social Services, Child Life, Pastoral Care, Nutrition and Translation Services.

Customized specifically for CHOC, the CPOE system has been designed with the needs of the medical staff in mind:

  • One-Page Physician Summary View - with patient information and links to test results.

  • On-Screen Medication Calculator - for automatic, accurate dosing.

  • Customized "Alert" Screens - to identify possible allergies, interactions or duplication.

  • More than 100 "Best Practice" Order Sets - developed collegially by CHOC staff, this includes dietary, laboratory, radiology and respiratory services for several diagnostic categories.

Additionally, several individuals may work in the same chart simultaneously with full HIPAA compliance.

What's next? The incorporation of physician progress notes into the CPOE system. That's when those old paper charts will become obsolete. We're betting you won't miss them.

For CPOE training, please call the CHOC Education Office at 714-532-8525.


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