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Physician Spotlight: Stephen Osburn, M.D.

"I value pediatrics as a business where you can work hard to do well in school, obtain a graduate degree and years of practice, all in order to be bossed around by four-year-olds," says CHOC pediatrician Stephen Osburn, M.D. "I love what I do because it's so much fun."

Dr. Osburn completed his residency over 25 years ago in the former CHOC/UCI residency program, focusing on genetics and developmental disabilities. Over the years he has become known for treating children with handicaps, but he says it isn't because of any special skill sets or talents, but rather his desensitization and comfort level with his patients.

"Medical practice is an interaction, and my job is to listen, educate and collaborate with children and parents, which guarantees that their personhood is equal to mine," he says. "Kids are fun, curious, creative and affectionate. Adults have these qualities too, but they tend to bury them under much thicker layers of selfconsciousness, defensiveness and socialization that you don't find with kids."

Because many of Dr. Osburn's colleagues have young families or are close to retirement, he is the only full-time pediatrician in his St. Joseph Heritage Medical Group office. Aside from treating patients on site, he has also been known to occasionally make house calls on request, understanding that sometimes it's much easier for him to go to his patients than for families to get to him. Though wherever he delivers care, his mission at each encounter is always to leave things better than he finds them.

"Parents and guardians are more invested in their children than in themselves, and the collaborative ideas you work out with them for the benefit of their children often actually happen," he says.

Dr. Osburn is a member of the Orange County Immunization Coalition, promoting its growth and working to make immunizations easier for parents to understand and access, and also serves on CHOC's Health Information Management Committee. In the summer, he participates in the American Lung Association's "Scamp Camp" for asthmatic children, ensuring that kids stay healthy during their daily activities and providing education on allergies, lung functions and peak-flow meters. For making a difference in the community and being a positive role model, Dr. Osburn was honored last year by the Boy Scouts of America and received the "Men of Character" award.

Away from the office, Dr. Osburn enjoys playing the piano and hockey. He and his wife have four grown children, one of which is following in his footsteps, currently finishing an internship and entering USC's residency program in pediatrics.

Stephen Osburn, M.D., is in association with Connie Bartlett, M.D.; Marc Bennett, M.D.; Robert Frankel, M.D.; Paul Genser, M.D.; Frank Kellogg, M.D.; James Morley, M.D.; Araceli Quimbo, M.D.; Martin Rosenfeld, M.D.; and Melissa Rosin, M.D.; at St. Joseph Heritage Medical Group. His office is located at 1201 West La Veta, Suite 700, in Orange. To reach him, please call 714-288-3230.


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