Pediatric Psychology :: Pediatric Psychology Fellowship Application Prodecure
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Application Procedure
The application deadline for fellows is January 10, 2014, to begin training on August 25, 201.

Please include the following in your application:

  1. Letter of interest indicating which track(s) you would like to be considered for, and your perceived fit with the program; 
  2. Curriculum vitae;
  3. Graduate school transcripts (you may send copies with the application, if selected for the fellowship, we will ask for an official copy)
  4. Three letters of recommendations from graduate faculty and/or clinical supervisors – 1 letter from your graduate program, 1 letter from your internship site and 1 additional letter from a supervisor of your choice
  5. Completed psychological test report on a child or adolescent (with identifying information removed).

Please send all application materials to: 
Marni Nagel, Ph.D., Assistant Director of Training
Department of Pediatric Psychology
Children's Hospital of Orange County
1201 W La Veta Ave
Orange, CA 92868-3874
Phone: (714) 509-8481
Fax: (714) 509-8756
Email: mnagel@choc.org

On site interviews will be held in late January and early February and are by invitation only.  If an on site interview is not feasible or affordable for an invited candidate, a telephone interview will be arranged.  The interview process includes a semi-structured interview.   This format allows all applicants the same opportunity to show all of the skills and knowledge they have gained over the course of their graduate training.  It also ensures that we ask you about all important areas.  Time is also scheduled for more open-ended discussions where you can ask questions about our internship site.  We also schedule time for you to talk to with current trainees.  With applicants’ permission, we would like to take a picture at the interview in order to assist the memory of the selection committee.  This is a totally voluntary process, and all applicants are welcome to opt out of the photograph.  In the past we have had applicants bring a camera and take pictures of us as well.  We invite you to do the same as we know how helpful that can be as a memory aide.  We do ask that you respect the privacy of our patients and not take pictures that would include them.

Applicants offered positions with our program should understand that prior to beginning the fellowship they will be required to successfully pass a required brief medical examination, which includes a drug test. Applicants will also undergo a required background test which CHOC requires of all employees in order to ensure the safety of our pediatric patients. 

Application Requirements
Admission requirements for fellows include a doctoral degree in psychology from an APA accredited program; anticipated completion of a 1-year clinical internship (APA accredited is preferred); one year of experience providing clinical services to children, preferably in a medical setting; a background in basic psychological testing measures (e.g. IQ, achievement, objective and projective personality measures); and finally, exposure to and interest in pediatric health psychology through coursework, clinical placement, or research.

Programmatic Questions: Please email or call with any questions about the program.  Please direct any questions about programmatic issues to Dr. Heather Huszti at mnagel@choc.org or call (714) 509-8481. 

Questions about application status:  If you have questions the status of your application (e.g. is it complete or what is missing), please email Graciela Cisneros at gcisneros@choc.org or call (714) 509-8481 and ask for Graciela.


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