The Importance of Early Intervention for Pediatric Mental Health - January 4, 2017

Kimberly Cripe, president and CEO of Children's Hospital of Orange County, Calif., discusses her "wake-up call" in regard to lack of behavioral health resources.
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Most Influential 2016: Negar Ashouri was doctor turned detective when infections hit Anaheim dental clinic - December 23, 2016

Dr. Negar Ashouri, a pediatric infectious disease specialist, was on call one weekend over the summer when she saw a patient with a severe oral infection unlike anything she’d ever treated.
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A Conversation with January Cover Doctor Michele Domico, Medical Director of the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit at CHOC - December 22, 2016

A Conversation with January Cover Doctor Michele Domico, Medical Director of the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit at CHOC Children's.
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Kids and mental health: CHOC builds the county’s first inpatient facility for youths ages 3 to 18 - December 22, 2016

About one in five youths nationwide will have a diagnosable mental health disorder by the age of 14, according to research from the Children's Hospital of Orange County.
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CHOC receives $5 million donation from Long Beach family to endow Child Life Department - December 14, 2016

CHOC announced the gift during a holiday celebration Wednesday afternoon hosted by the newly renamed Cherese Mari Laulhere Child Life Department.
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Ducks Get Into the Holiday Spirit at CHOC Children’s - December 8, 2016

The halls of CHOC Children's were brightened by the spirit of giving Tuesday afternoon, as the Ducks made a special visit to those patients receiving care at the pediatric hospital during this holiday season.

What Parents Need to Know About Childhood Depression - December 6, 2016

CHOC Children’s is leading the way to provide much-needed resources for children suffering from mental illnesses like depression.
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Let’s Talk about Childhood Depression - December 1, 2016

Depression in the adolescent years happens more than many realize. When it impacts a family, many feel that they are the only ones, and alone.
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OC Businesses Rally For ‘Giving Tuesday’ To Give Back To The Community - November 28, 2016

After days of spending on ourselves and loved ones, Tuesday after Thanksgiving is meant to show selfless acts of charity.

One Family’s Journey to Overcome Epilepsy - October 31, 2016

We found the Epilepsy Support Network of Orange County, which led us to Children's Hospital of Orange County Neuroscience Institute.
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CHOC Walkers at Disneyland raise $3 million - October 30, 2016

Nearly 15,000 people took part in the 26th annual “CHOC Walk in the Park” at the Disneyland Resort, a key annual fundraiser for the children’s hospital in Orang
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CHOC given $150,000 to treat children sickened in dental clinic infection outbreak - October 25, 2016

Children’s Hospital of Orange County will receive $150,000 in county funds to help provide complex treatment to children who contracted serious infections at an Anaheim dental clinic, the Board of Supervisors decided Tuesday.
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Must-Read Information on Bullying - October 21, 2016

An eye-opening conversation with Dr. Christopher Min, PhD, a licensed pediatric psychologist at CHOC Children’s about bullying and the mental health effects on children.
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Young patients, families take a ‘Minnie Walk’ at CHOC - October 6, 2016

The patients, all young kids, smiled as they exited the elevator onto the second floor at Children’s Hospital of Orange County, right into the waiting arms of Minnie Mouse
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Orange County Hospitals Working to Improve Population Health - September 26, 2016

CHOC has a population health initiative with physicians working in the community to innovate in comprehensive care delivery.
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CHOC starts work on youth psychiatric unit - September 16, 2016

Children’s Hospital of Orange County broke ground Friday on an 18-bed psychiatric unit for patients ages 3 to 18 that will open in 2018.
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Rare diseases and rare opportunities - September 12, 2016

Wang moved on to CHOC, where many patients come in with a laundry list of symptoms that defy explanation.
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For Young Adults, Cancer Disrupts Life and Raises Lasting Questions - September 9, 2016

Adolescent and young adult (or AYA) cancers account for some five percent of all cancer diagnoses or roughly 70,000 each year.
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Advice doctors give their own kids before they head off to college - August 25, 2016

If you’re one of those moms or dads, you may be wondering if you gave your kid all the pearls of parental wisdom he or she needs to survive life out there on their own.
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A mother and child are about to mark dual milestones at Children’s Hospital of Orange County - August 25, 2016

Mother and daughter will share a special day on Saturday when Kennedy celebrates her first birthday and Blalock marks her ninth anniversary working as a child life specialist at CHOC.

Football & Concussion: Worth the Risk? - August 25, 2016

concussion rates for children under age 19 who play tackle football have doubled over the last decade, most occurring during practices.
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CHOC honors brothers and sisters of critically ill children - August 20, 2016

Children’s Hospital of Orange County celebrated “Super Sib Day” on Saturday, recognizing the family heroes who perhaps too often go unsung: the brothers and sisters of critically sick children.

Healthy competition: Fullerton 14-year-old Claire Finegan battled anorexia as a preteen. Now, she’s a Miss Junior Teen finalist - August 18, 2016

Physically weak and mentally exhausted, Finegan was admitted to Children's Hospital of Orange County in September and diagnosed with an eating disorder.

The Long Road to Hope - August 17, 2016

Before Noah Stapleton’s first birthday three weeks ago, he had been through four major surgeries. With a fifth coming up and Southern California’s blood supply dipping to dangerous levels, he’s going to need a little help from donors to recover from his next surgery.

Petition Seeks to Make Honorary Marine of OC Boy with Only Days to Live - July 26, 2016

Petition asking for Wyatt to become an "Honorary Marine." More than 2,500 people, mainly Marines, have signed it.

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