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Children's Hospital of Orange County proudly recognizes the following donors, who over the years have made a cumulative gift of $100,000 - $999,999. The generosity of these major contributors demonstrates the spirit of giving as well as their unwavering commitment to CHOC.

  • A-Med Health Care
  • Adrienne and Rick Matros
  • Alice and Maurice Burns
  • Anaheim Ducks
  • Angels Baseball Foundation
  • Anne and Kel Geddes
  • Annenberg Foundation
  • Annie and Martin McDonald
  • Anonymous (7)
  • Anthony C. Chang, M.D., M.B.A., M.P.H.
  • Asthma & Allergy Foundation of America
  • Audrey S. Burnand
  • Bank of America
  • Barbara Steele Williams
  • Bergelectric
  • Bill and Chris Griffith
  • Blizzard Entertainment
  • Bob and Mary Jane Engman
  • BP West Coast Products, LLC
  • C.J. Segerstrom & Sons
  • California Health Facilities Financing Authority
  • CalOptima
  • Carl E. Wynn Foundation
  • Carmen and Tanya Rosborough
  • Carol A. and Louis P. Castellana
  • Change a Life Foundation
  • Chevron Corporation
  • CHOC Kids' Cards
  • CHOC Medical Staff
  • Cindy & Ron McMackin
  • Coast Iron & Steel Co.
  • Commercial Capital Bank Community Foundation
  • Conzelman Family Trust
  • Credit Unions for Kids
  • Darlene M. Moore
  • Dean and Gerda Koontz Foundation
  • Deloitte & Touche, LLP
  • Delphine Lee and Ron Ainsworth
  • Dolores and Claude Cohn
  • Dorothy Grannis Sullivan Foundation
  • Dorothy Ruth Myers
  • Doug and Debra Maniaci Family
  • Down Syndrome Association of Orange County
  • Dr. and Mrs. Marshall Rowen
  • Eastwood Insurance Services
  • Edison International Employee Contributions Campaign
  • Edith and Kenneth Heuler
  • Elwood & Shirley Banning Trust
  • Emile and Dina Haddad
  • Employees Community Fund of Boeing California
  • EMSOC-Emergency Medicine Specialists of Orange County
  • Estate of Adeline Halter
  • Estate of Arabella C. Williams
  • Estate of Arthur Benn
  • Estate of Audrey I. Akeson
  • Estate of Camille H. Marcan
  • Estate of Catherine A Scrafield
  • Estate of Clifford Vogel
  • Estate of Corinne Franklin
  • Estate of Dagmar Nannfeldt
  • Estate of Donald Kocher
  • Estate of Donalda Adrien Pelletier
  • Estate of Dora Hooker Adams
  • Estate of Dorothy F. Lytle
  • Estate of Dorothy Pinckney
  • Estate of Edna O. Rinde
  • Estate of Elmer Steward Hurt
  • Estate of Ernest Kessler
  • Estate of Evan Evans
  • Estate of Frances A. Haymond
  • Estate of Halsey H. Soderberg
  • Estate of Helen G. Smith
  • Estate of Helen George Harding
  • Estate of Helene Valle
  • Estate of Jean C. Cleary
  • Estate of John D. Cashman
  • Estate of Leslie Gilling
  • Estate of Lillian B. May
  • Estate of Lucille L. Wilson
  • Estate of Magdelene G. Hobson
  • Estate of Margaret L. Emrick
  • Estate of Marjorie A. Ball
  • Estate of Marla S. Gitterman
  • Estate of Mary Jo Kratz
  • Estate of Maryetta S. Craig
  • Estate of O. Carl Schulz
  • Estate of Peter Bonderoff
  • Estate of Ronald Miller
  • Estate of Ruth A Pruitt
  • Estate of Ruth Coryell
  • Estate of Ruth E Miller
  • Estate of Ruth Reich
  • Estate of Sam Joe Sears
  • Estate of William Erick White
  • Esther V. Bruggere
  • Eugene and Ruth Ann Moriarty
  • Evelyn and David Simon
  • Evelyn McFarland Hayden Fund
  • Experian
  • Fairchild Martindale Foundation
  • Fern M. Wessels Trust
  • Fire Safety First
  • First Interstate Bank
  • Gemini Resources and Marybelle and Sebastian Paul Musco
  • George Burgess
  • George Hoag Family Foundation
  • George T. Pfleger Foundation
  • Give Blood Play Hockey
  • GlaxoSmithKline
  • Guitty and Mahmood Khayami
  • Harold and Joyce Thurber
  • Harry Winston, Inc.
  • Heals 2 Heel, Orange County
  • Heather M. and James. C. Madden, V
  • Helen E. Black
  • Helen L. Russell
  • Henry L. Guenther Foundation
  • Herbert Isett Trust
  • House of Imports
  • Hugh M. Atchley
  • Hughes Aircraft Company
  • Hughes Electronics
  • Irene and Jack Frost
  • Irvine Valley Air Conditioning, Inc.
  • Janet Davidson and Richard Plat
  • Janssen Pharmaceutica
  • Jeanette Bertea Hennings Foundation
  • Jerry Clark
  • Jim and Sharon Goodwin
  • John Wayne Cancer Foundation
  • Judith and Robert Hultine
  • Karen and Gary Frailing
  • Kathryn G. Thompson
  • Kent-Detwiler Unitrust
  • Kent-McKelvy Unitrust
  • Kerri and Andrew Schiller
  • Kia Motors America
  • Kimberly and Glenn Cripe
  • Kiwanis Family
  • Krystal Enterprises, Inc.
  • Lance Armstrong Foundation
  • Laura Tucker Unitrust
  • Little Mermaid Guild
  • Little Red Wagon Guild
  • Lon V. Smith Foundation
  • Los Alamitos Charities Foundation
  • Louise Oresky Trust
  • Mac Cameron Jones
  • Margaret E. Oser Foundation
  • Margorie B. Salfer
  • Maria E. Minon, M.D.
  • Marilyn and Don Bailey
  • Marilyn Hester Robbins and William Robbins
  • Mark and Victoria Headland
  • Mark D. Moses
  • Marriott Vacation Club Newport Coast Villas
  • Marriott's of Orange County
  • Mary Adele Trudeau Estate
  • Mary Lee and William H. Beck
  • Masimo Foundation
  • Massiah Foundation Inc.
  • Maureen C. Downes, M.D.
  • May A. Dudley
  • McCarthy Building Companies, Inc.
  • Michael J. Connell Foundation
  • Miles Charitable Unitrust
  • Miracles for Kids
  • Monica & Chris Furman
  • Mr. & Mrs. Andy Peykoff
  • Mr. and Mrs. Albert A. Johnson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Allen R. Muesse
  • Mr. and Mrs. John Haretakis
  • Mr. and Mrs. Larry D. Cancellieri
  • Mr. and Mrs. Leo W. Cook
  • Mr. and Mrs. Mark Chapin Johnson
  • Mr. and Mrs. Marvin A. Weiss
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael Craig
  • Mr. and Mrs. Michael T. Birney
  • Mr. and Mrs. Owen B. Garrett
  • Mr. and Mrs. Richard Bertea
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas A. Wolfe
  • Mr. and Mrs. Thomas N. Braly
  • Mr. and Mrs. Tom Vegh
  • Mr. Gilbert Aguirre
  • Mr. Griffin Ordway and Mrs. Yulia Vasilieva
  • Mr. John C. Herklotz
  • Mrs. Jean L. Walsh
  • Mrs. Margaret L. Sprague
  • Ms. Mary T. Reuland
  • Ms. Mimmie Lievens
  • Ms. Sally E. Segerstrom
  • Ms. Shirlee Guggenheim
  • Muhonen Family
  • Nancy Sommerville
  • National Childhood Cancer Foundation
  • New Century Mortgage
  • Nordstrom
  • Norma and Thomas Waller
  • O. L. Halsell Foundation
  • Orange County Community Foundation
  • Orange County Health Care Agency
  • Patricia and Frank Saenz
  • Peter & Virginia Ueberroth Family Foundation
  • PipeVine, Inc.
  • Punch & Judy Guild
  • Ralph and Sue Stern and Family
  • Ralphs/Food 4 Less
  • Rapport Family Trust
  • RE/MAX OC Market
  • Resource Management Services, Inc.
  • Ridings Family Trust
  • Riverside Community Health Foundation
  • Robert R. Sprague Foundation
  • Rocking Horse Guild
  • Ronald McDonald House Charities of Southern California
  • Ronald McDonald House of Orange County
  • Roy Ford
  • Russell & Ruth Morgan Trust
  • Ruth and Paul Braunger
  • Samueli Foundation
  • Sandy Munson
  • Schaller Anderson An Aetna Company
  • SchoolsFirst Federal Credit Union
  • Seagull Golf Classic honoring Amber McCall & Kaitlyn Santala
  • Slovene Rest Home Association
  • Soccer for Hope
  • Society For The Promotion of Japanese Animation/Anime Expo
  • South Coast Plaza
  • Southern California Building Funds
  • Southern California Floor Covering Club
  • Spectrum Brands, HHI
  • Stew & Vera McDonald Unitrust
  • Taco Bell
  • The C.M. and Edna Peyton Cotton Family Foundation
  • The California Wellness Foundation
  • The Coalition of Orange County Community Clinics
  • The Eisner Foundation
  • The Elghanayan Family
  • The Fluor Foundation
  • The Gwen Laulhere Foundation
  • The Hearst Foundations
  • The Hoag Foundation
  • The Irvine Company
  • The Karl Kirchgessner Foundation
  • The Kenneth T. and Eileen L. Norris Foundation
  • The Linden Family Foundation
  • The Lloyd E. and Elisabeth H. Klein Family Foundation
  • The Lockney Family Trust
  • The McBeth Foundation
  • The Nicholas Endowment
  • The PIMCO Foundation
  • The Richard and Elizabeth Steele Fund
  • The Robert and Helga Pralle Family Foundation
  • The Taylor Family
  • The Torch Relay for CMNH
  • The Wilder Foundation
  • Tom Beeghly
  • Toyota Motor Sales, USA
  • Tracey and John Duden
  • Trothy Lee Hamann
  • Tustin Toyota
  • United Healthcare
  • Virginia Knott Bender
  • W. M. Keck Foundation
  • Wal-Mart Stores, Inc. Walmart and Sam's Club Associates and Customers
  • Waltmar Foundation
  • Wendell R. Hurlbut
  • William Moore
  • Windgate Foundation

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