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Mustafa H Kabeer, MD

Dr. Kabeer has staff privileges at CHOC Orange & CHOC Mission

Orange, CA
Orange, CA
Corona, CA

Pediatric Surgery

Research Focus:
Autologous splenic lymphoctye reinfusion, Raman spectroscopy, surgical robotics, stem cells


Published Works:

Office and Contact Information

CHOC Children's Specialists
505 S Main St
Suite 225
Orange, CA 92868
phone: (714) 364-4050
fax: (714) 364-4051
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CHOC Children's Specialists
1201 W. La Veta Ave.
Orange, CA 92868
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CHOC Children's Health Center in Corona
854 Magnolia Ave.
Suite 101
Corona, CA 92879
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Web Site:

Administrative Appointments

  • Pediatric Surgery, CHOC Children's Specialists

Academic Appointments

  • Clinical Assistant Professor of Surgery
    UC Irvine

Physician / Researcher Bio

On the forefront of investigating new and innovative ways to treat patients, Dr. Kabeer has been a leader in the research of surgical robotics. Dr. Kabeer was the first physician to perform pediatric lung resection in the world. He was the first physician to perform robotic surgery at CHOC and has since performed many robotic tumor resections. His other research interests include immunology and cytokine response to injury.

Over the last ten years, Dr. Kabeer has been engaged in the investigation of the use of autologous splenic lymphoctye reinfusion to augment vaccine efficacy against gram negative encapsulated organisms. He has a background in tumor cell vaccine and cytokine research and is interested in working with stem cells in order to grow small intestines. He is currently researching the use of Raman spectroscopy in the diagnosis of pediatric tumors and in the diagnosis of Hirschsprung’s disease.

Dedicated to clinical excellence, Dr. Kabeer is board certified in general surgery, pediatric surgery and surgical critical care. Prior to joining CHOC Children’s, Dr. Kabeer attended medical school at the University of Missouri, Columbia. He completed both his internship and his residency training at Indiana University and served his fellowship at the Children's Hospital of Michigan.


  • Fellowship
    Children's Hospital of Michigan
  • Residency
    Indiana University
  • Internship
    Indiana University
  • Medical School
    University of Missouri, Columbia

Board Certifications

  • Pediatric Surgery
    American Board of Surgery
  • General Surgery
    American Board of Surgery
  • Surgical Critical Care
    American Board of Surgery

Honors and Awards

  • Orange County Medical Association’s Physicians of Excellence
  • UCI Residents Teaching Award for Best Pediatric Surgeon


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January 03, 2012
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Dr. Kabeer
A core part of Dr. Mustafa Kabeer’s philosophy of care is to treat patients as if they are his own children. ...

Published Works

Lieber CA, Nethercott HE, Kabeer MH. Cancer field effects in normal tissues revealed by Raman spectroscopy. Biomed Opt Express. 2010 Sep 20;1(3):975-982.

Lieber CA, Kabeer MH. Characterization of pediatric Wilms' tumor using Raman and fluorescence spectroscopies. J Pediatr Surg. 2010 Mar;45(3):549-54.

Lectures and Presentations

  • Lieber, C.A., and M.H. Kabeer, “Raman Spectroscopic Characterization of Pediatric Tissues,” invited talk, Federation of Analytical Chemistry and Spectroscopy Societies, Louisville, Kentucky, October 2009
  • Lieber, C.A., H.E. Nethercott, J.G. Kim, and M.H. Kabeer, “Raman Spectral Detection of Cancer Field Effects,” oral presentation, SPEC 2010; Shedding Light on Disease: Optical Diagnosis for the New Millenium, Manchester, United Kingdom, June 2010
  • Kabeer, MH, Congenital Anomalies of Neonates; First International Conference On Pediatric Intensive Care, Hangzhou, China, 2011
  • Kabeer, MH, Congenital Lung Anomalies; First International Conference on Pediatric Intensive Care, Hangzhou, China, 2011


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