The Story of the Gift – Hyundai Cancer Institute

With a generous gift from Hyundai, CHOC Children's is creating a global genomic database and leading the way in personalized medicine for pediatric cancer treatment.

Video - Seacrest Studios

Seacrest Studios

Since opening in March of 2013, Seacrest Studios at CHOC Children's has touched the lives of thousands of patients, families and guests and has become a huge success.

Finding a Healthy Balance

Finding a Healthy Balance

Kids these days are busy, but it’s important for them to have downtime to use their imagination, too. CHOC Children’s experts are here to help families find a healthy balance.

Ready for Anything

Ready for Anything

When an accident happens, CHOC Children’s is ready, with the region’s only dedicated emergency room just for kids.

An Early Start

An Early Start

She was really early at birth – and it's the only time she’s ever been early since. CHOC Children’s has the specialists needed to care for premature babies born as early as 24 weeks.


The CHOC Difference

Shown at CHOC Foundation Gala, shows how CHOC is different than most hospitals. We believe in the healing power of play. CHOC is a place where kids can still be kids, even while undergoing treatment.


Julia and George Argyros Emergency Department at CHOC

The CHOC Children's Emergency Department is Orange County's only designated Pediatric Trauma Center, equipped and ready to care for children with any illness or injury, 24 hours a day.

Heimlich Maneuver

Performing the Heimlich Maneuver on a Child or Infant

A CHOC emergency department charge nurse demonstrates how to perform the heimlich maneuver on both a child and infant, and describes the signs of choking.

CHOC Follies 2014

CHOC Follies 2014 – Chocton Abbey

The CHOC Follies 2014 musical production "Chocton Abbey" features many talented Orange County residents singing and dancing to raise funds for CHOC Children’s.

Dr. Korb - Residency

Residency Program: Dr. Korb

James Korb M.D., Director of Academic Affairs at CHOC Children's, talks about the different physician roles in a teaching hospital and the residency program.

Soothing Your Baby

Quick Tips to Calm Your Baby

A CHOC Children's clinical nurse specialist offers five quick tips to help parents calm a fussy baby.


50th Anniversary Shout Outs

Our Associates were asked to talk about what they love about CHOC and to give these shout outs in honor of our 50th Anniversary celebration.

Concussions-Drs. Taraman and Romain

Concussions: Drs. Taraman and Romain

Concussions in children can cause lingering symptoms. Drs. Sharief Taraman and Jonathan Romain explain what happens to the brain after a concussion.

Drowning-Dr. Lubinsky

Drowning: Dr. Lubinsky and Michelle Lubahn

Dr. Paul Lubinsky and Michelle Lubahn share their insight into drowning, which is the second leading cause of unintentional related injury related deaths.

Dangers of Prescribed Drugs-Dr. Winkelmann

Dangers of Prescribed Drugs: Dr. Winkelmann

Dr. Jacqueline Winkelmann speaks on safeguarding prescription drugs in the home where children are critical & explains the dangers of prescribed drugs.

Sudden Cardiac Death Prevention-Dr. Batra

Sudden Cardiac Death Prevention: Dr. Batra

Dr. Anjan Batra, CHOC Children's, speaks about heart conditions and preventive measures that can be taken to prevent sudden cardiac death in young athletes.

Choking Hazards-Dr. Pham

Choking Hazards: Dr. Pham

Dr. Nguyen Pham tells us that food, coins, and toys are the primary causes of choking for a child.

Preventing Sports Injuries-Dr. Schlechter

Preventing Sports Injuries: Dr. Schlechter and Mollee Smith

Dr. John Schlechter & Mollee Smith speak about preventive measures that can be taken to prevent injuries while taking part in sports & physicial activities.


Hyundai Cancer Institute – Compass

Patients and staff at the Hyundai Cancer Institute at CHOC groove to Lady Antebellum's "Compass" and show how they let their hearts be their compasses.


Ducks Flock to CHOC

For many years, the Anaheim Ducks have supported CHOC, naming us the “official hospital of the Honda Center and Anaheim Ducks” in 2006.


Watch CHOC’s Telemedicine in Action

In this video, Dr. Jason Knight, a critical care specialist and medical director of CHOC’s Emergency Transport Services, discusses how CHOC physicians and the transport team use telemedicine to improve care of children.


Shelby’s Story

Cancer survivor Shelby Sacchette’s bright future involves a world where there’s a cure for all skin cancers.


The Future’s Bright

CHOC has built one of the most advanced children's hospitals in the world, and is defining the shape of things to come.


AJ’s Story

AJ Vandermade’s bright future involves helping people whenever they need it, just like his mom who happens to be a nurse at CHOC.


Zeven’s Story

Zeven Addison sees his bright future through the lens of a video camera. He wants to get into the movies because of the “endless possibilities”.

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