CHOC Providers

Billeci, Barton T. MD

Specialties: Internal Medicine, Pediatrics
Appointments: 949-653-1173

Dr. Billeci is board certified in internal medicine who treats kids and teens at CHOC Children's Hospital in Orange County.

Carr, Warner W. MD

Specialties: Allergy/Immunology, Internal Medicine
Appointments: 949-364-2900

Dr. Warner W. Carr is a board certified pediatric allergist at CHOC Children's who treats kids with allergies,  asthma and related conditions. 

Tammelin, Bruce R. MD

Specialty: Internal Medicine
Appointments: 949-364-3330

Dr. Tammelin is board certified in internal medicine, pulmonary medicine and sleep medicine and treats kids with lung conditions at CHOC Children's in Orange.

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UC Irvine

CHOC Children's is affiliated with the UC Irvine School of Medicine